Gatrim Panch Tulsi Drop

Five types of Tulsi extract are available (Ram Tulsi, Swet Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, Van Tulsi, Ajrak Tulsi ). Super Antioxidant, anti-aging, Anti Bacterial, Anti-Viral Anti Fungal.

Gatrim Ashwagandha Giloy Tab

First time in INDIA - ( Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi, Daalchini, Sonth, kali mirch ) synergistic combination. Prevent illness, Helps in Muscles strength, Strong Immune System, Relief from colds, flu & other RTI Boost Stamina.

Gatrim Karela Jamun Tab

First time in INDIA - ( Karela, Jamun, Neem, Giloy ) in tablet form - easy to swallow and convenient in transportation. Control sugar Levels, Vitamins, and Nutrients, Active and Good for Health Beneficial in skin cases ( Blood Purifier ).

Gatrim Herbal Hair Oil

First unique Combination of natural herbs and a mixture of oils, that`s not only the oil but the actual treatment of hair -available with a comb for deep hair oiling and doing gentle massage by four figures up to 5 minutes. Gatrim herbal hair oil is not only the oil but this is the actual treatment of your hair, Stop Hair fall within 15 days and promote natural hair growth, support Hair growth, and Repair damaged hair.

Gatrim Stevia Drop

Stevia extract -( Natural sweetener ) - is a substitute for sugar and chemicalized sugar-free brands available in the market are 100 times sweeter than the sugar that`s naturally sugar-free. Helps control blood sugar, Lower blood pressure, is Good for teeth and fights cavities, Diabetes, and Metabolic syndrome, and Strengthens Bone.

Gatrim Vit.C ( Amla Juice ) effervescent tab

( Natural source of Vit. C - Amla & zinc ) - take daily to boost your immunity it's a natural Amla juice, when you want to drink then 1 tablet drop in cold 100 ml water your instant juice is ready, easy to carry, sugar-free, and orange in flavor. Boosts immunity, Antioxidant, Hair & Skin Support, Glowing skin, and Improves Joint Health.

Green Tea Effervescent Tab by gatrim

First time in India -Very effective Herbal treatment depending on Dadi /Nani Nuskhas, a combination of Green Tea, Grape seed, Cinamon Extract, Tulsi, Lemon extract, Ginger extract, Kali Mirch, Black salt. Add 1 tablet in 1 cup of warm water and enjoy Herbal tea instead of milk tea for better health. To boost immunity, For Healthy Heart, For weight loss, To fight aging.